You can increase sales without selling when you understand the skills involved in selling. 

i charge for that book, increase salesOne of the key aspects of selling you must fully understand if you want to be sell with confidence, grace and ease is the I Charge for That™ mindset. It’s so very important that I wrote all about it in my new book entitled, I Charge for That™  Mastering the Mindset for Sales Success.

It’s because I believe to increase your sales without selling truly requires that you take a long look in the mirror and focus on being a certain way in all of your sales conversations.  That means, you must understand five key ingredients that are crucial in the sales process and they are all focused on establishing value – for you, for your client and about your product, program or service.

Increase sales: Value-Based Selling #1 — Worth

What you believe about selling matters. If you see selling as hard and challenging, it will be. However, if you understand and fully believe in yourself and the value you bring to the marketplace, selling will be easy for you.

Look, you don’t have to be a natural-born sales person to be successful. You do have to have self-confidence AND self-worth. More on video

Increase sales: Value-Based Selling #2 — Definition

Definition of value is especially important as it relates to your ideal client. That’s why you must have total clarity about your ideal client so you know exactly how she defines value. If you follow me, you know ideal client clarity is one of my soapbox issues. You should invest time and effort in knowing intimate details about ideal client, specifically. I call it Ideal Client Clarity and the Power of One. If you don’t have a clearly defined ideal client, it means you’re trying to appeal to the masses which can truly hurt your sales.


increase sales, ideal client clarity, the power of one

Increase sales: Value-based Selling #3 — Clarity

Value clarity affords you the opportunity to create programs, services and products that have meaning to your most ideal clients. There are three ways to assign value: Financial value, business value and lifetime value. I share lots more in my previous post.

Increase sales: Value-Based Selling #4 — Articulate

Once you understand with great certainty the type of value your program, service or product provides, you can speak about it in terms that connect your most ideal clients most pressing challenges and desires for change. For example, if your service offers business value, you’re able to share the effectiveness and efficiency as a result. That is the result your ideal client is willing to invest in.

Increase sales: Value-Based Selling #5 — Service

Your Personalized Profitability Plan™ includes all of the aspects of value, including the type of service you’re offering. Knowing the type of services gives you all of the detail you need to set the appropriate fee for your program, service or product.

I’m sure this all sounds very simple and I promise that it is: When you focus on the value of what you’re selling (no matter what you’re selling), you’ll increase sales, exponentially.

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