I Charge for That™ Mastering the Mindset for Sales Success

i charge for that book, increase sales, mogulcon18, wendyybailey speaks, wendyy speaks, i charge for that, philadelphia evening of empowermentIn more than 18 years, Wendy Y. Bailey, has skillfully coached hundreds of coaches, speakers, consultants and emerging thought leaders on the science of mindset as it relates to selling. Using her expertise as a Master Business and Sales Coach, she guides them through a thought-provoking maze to fully understand human behavior via the strategy of mindset, emotional connection and relevance, client buying signals and sales scripting.

Read this #1 New Release in Neuro-Linguistic Programming so you can adopt the I Charge for That™ mindset so you can approach sales conversations with confidence, grace and ease. Watch your bottom line grow as you create consistent cash flow and guarantee long-term success in your business.

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Business Beyond Limits: 7 Powerful Practices for Creating a Highly Profitable Business

business beyond limits book

One third of all businesses fail within the first two years. Discover seven practices entrepreneurs can use to create a highly, profitable business focused on long-term sustainability. Master Business Coach and Sales Speaker, Wendy Y. Bailey, walks you through simple, yet effective, strategies she’s used to coach hundreds of entrepreneurial leaders, CEOs and transformation experts, like coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants and emerging thought leaders, to create extraordinary results. Boost your bottom line profits and create lasting success, too!

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Become a Sales Rock Star: High Value Sales Strategy and Activation Program for Coaches

become a sales rock star, sales training for coachesThis business coaching product is a high-value sales strategy and activation program for coaches. It features an all digital package of sales training tools and resources designed to help you master sales skills with grace and ease.

If you’re serious about growing your sales confidence, this program will help you focus on being highly productive in daily Income Producing Activities (IPAs) specifically. You’ll also discover how to master the right mindset for selling in your business with great success…

and, so much more!

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Discovery Sessions That Sell (Formerly Discovery Session Sales Script: For Coaches Who Want To Sell More)

discovery sessions that sell, black friday
Income Acceleration Mentor and Master Business Coach, Wendy Y. Bailey, shares insider secrets for converting more clients from your discovery session, sample coaching session or initial consultation.


Value: $697 l Price: $297 $197

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Masterful Content: How to Create Compelling and Transformational Content For Your Group Coaching Programs


If you’re serious about creating content for group coaching programs that sells and transforms, you must understand the power of language. More than mere words, language involves smells, tastes, sounds, colors, attitudes, beliiefs and behaviors.

This business coaching product features a digital version of one of WendyY’s bestselling group coaching programs chocked full of resources and tools to support you in creating, designing and delivering a powerful group coaching program.

Mixed media with: Thirty page Activity Guide, 51 page easy-to-follow transcripts and downloadable mp3 audios.

Value: $697Price: $297 $97

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33 Minute Mastery: Group Coaching in 33 Minutes

Proven Group Coaching Strategies Revealed…it’s NLP Baby! This program sold out FIVE times!! Use this business coaching product to get started with your group coaching today with this digital program designed as an introduction to group coaching using NLP.

Includes the complete audio program with easy-to-follow transcripts.

Value: $197Price: $127 $97

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joyce-averils“After participating in WendyY’s Masterful Content series, I feel confident that I can offer a content rich program that my clients will want to sign up for. Not only did WendyY offer solid practical information, but she also gave tons of examples of how to put that information into practice. Thanks WendyY for giving me the tools and confidence I need to develop transformational content for my clients!”

~Joyce Averils, Life/Career Coach

Audrey-Taylor“[WendyY’s program] helped me learn a conversational approach to writing content and copy that has been extremely helpful. Your model for group coaching with NLP has shifted my writing away from corporate speak to a stronger, connecting model. I’m confident in being colorful, energetic and expressive with my language.

~Audrey Taylor, Executive Coach