You were born to make a difference in this world and everything you need to be amazing is already inside of you. That means you were born with the right equipment to soar and serve. I am the coach that will challenge you to move beyond fear, shatter limiting beliefs and expand your comfort zone. You will stretch and risk more than you ever have before AND you will love it! Get ready to build a business beyond limits with me!


Private Coaching with WendyY

WendyY works with a limited number of private coaching clients. Whether you are a seasoned coaching, speaking, training or consulting professional or you’re within the first 3-5 years in your business. WendyY coaches you to streamline your business infrastructure and automate systems, raise your fees, build your team and design multiple streams of passive income.

Discover key marketing and sales elements, infrastructure and systems, and mindset mastery. These are critical for creating your next level of financial success, and prepares you for income acceleration. WendyY prepares you to design high-value programs and services in your business.

Via direct coaching support to achieve your dreams and goals, you’re guaranteed to experience:

  • Enhanced Performance – Greater Engagement and Profitable Conversations
  • Peak Productivity – Focused and Consistent Action
  • Higher Profits – Income Acceleration, Revenue Generation and Client Infusion

Book a Private VIP Day with WendyY working on what matters most in your business. Together, you’ll focus on key areas in your business, make the necessary changes to prepare you to get in high gear for revenue generation and client infusion, leading to more clients and more sales. WendyY will customize the day based on your specific needs and goals.

You can book a full private VIP day or half VIP day in person OR a virtual VIP day/half VIP day where you’ll meet online via video conference.

Begin with your breakthrough session with WendyY to experience laser-focused, deep-dive coaching to identify what you’d like to accomplish. Then, together you’ll decide what type of VIP experience will support you in achieving your goals quickly.

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Business Coaching, Sales Coaching and More…

In addition to private coaching, several of WendyY’s bestselling group coaching programs are available as part of:

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