I’m Wendy Y. Bailey,
Your Income Acceleration Mentor!

income acceleration mentor wendyy bailey

I coach and strategize with small business leaders and industry experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs and transformation experts, like coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants and emerging thought leaders. It’s all about showing you how to create bigger, better, bolder bottom lines. I’m known as Your Income Acceleration Mentor because I can help you double, triple, quadruple and quintuple your income. That means, implementing the right processes and systems, designing your unique marketing messaging and strategy, and mastering sales conversations that convert to cash. This is what it takes to create real freedom in your life!

Why I do this work?

For many years, I helped my clients create powerful group coaching programs using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Some went on to launch highly lucrative group coaching programs while some did not. One theme rang true for those clients who seemed stuck throughout our coaching relationship. Our coaching wasn’t about systems or processes or more marketing strategies or selling techniques. Many of them really didn’t need to learn new ways to market or automate their programs and services. Of course, we did that kind of work, too. Instead, it was clear to me that they lacked the highest belief system to step into selling and enrollment conversations, with confidence. This is SO important because it spells lots of clients and much more money.

You see, whether you’re in a one-on-one coaching session, delivering your group coaching program, delivering live or virtual workshops or speaking to your ideal clients from the stage, you’re selling and enrolling. In that moment, you MUST believe in what’s possible for you in your business. 

One of my favorite quotes by Dr. Albert Einstein says, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Let me say it this way:

Until and unless you believe in the possibility of bigger, better, bolder bottomline profits, you will NOT be able to create them.

Here’s what I know for sure:

  • Each of us has unique gifts. If you’re in this coaching, speaking and training space, you’ve recognized that fact about yourself. That means, your unique gifts will make an impact in the world.
  • Your most ideal clients are waiting on YOU to share your gifts with them. Your unique gifts have tremendous value to your most ideal clients and yes, they are indeed waiting on you to show up!
  • Your unique gifts are designed for your most ideal clients, only. Yep, I know this one is sometimes hard to grasp BUT when you believe this one fact with every fiber of your being, your most ideal clients will begin to show up in your business, consistently.
  • Your most ideal clients are open to hearing from you alone. Yes, you are uniquely qualified and capable to serve your most ideal clients, specifically. That’s right, just you – only you – absolutely you and you alone.
  • You deserve to work with the most ideal clients. You don’t have to work yourself into a frenzy across social media to appeal to the masses. You deserve to work with the most ideal clients — only the best, most ideal, most beloved clients – point blank, period.
  • Until you believe all of the above AND know your value in the marketplace in a really BIG way, neither income acceleration, or revenue generation, nor profitability, will happen for you.

I’m so committed to supporting you that I’ve created a video podcast entitled, Profitable Coaching Conversations with Wendy Y. Bailey where I showcase business growth strategies focused on income acceleration, creating consistent cash flow and growing your bottom line profits. Get the details now


Facts You Want to Know About Me

  • income acceleration mentor wendyy baileyPeople who know me well call me, “WendyY” and you can call me WendyY, too. Call me WendyY and I know we’ve made a deep connection and it only gets better from there!
  • In June, 2023 I celebrated my 21st anniversary serving as a coach. What I know for sure is that every coaching client, coaching program, speaking engagement and training session – EVERYTHING – has equipped me to coach you to develop long-term thinking so you can create real staying power in your business.  That’s what I call sustainable success.
  • I am a Master Business and Sales Coach and I serve you from my heart. Yes, I hold a number of coaching certifications, honors and awards in coaching and business; however, what I’m most proud of is being the mother of an adult son who is a thriving, happy citizen of this planet.
  • In my spare time, I’m an avid Chicago-style stepper – a dance that I absolutely love. I’m also a real movie buff and I often reference movie expressions and plot lines in my coaching. (So fun!) I totally enjoy traveling, too!

If any of this resonates with you, I’m excited beyond words to serve you! Book your breakthrough session with me and let’s get started. Your investment for 60 minutes of my time will yield immediate and long-term benefit — I promise!

By the way, I also host live events, group coaching intensives, activation challenges and lots more highly interactive experiences. My intention is to empower you and equip you with tools to attract and serve more of your most ideal clients. Checkout the latest coaching events now and jump right in!


Lougenia-rucker“What an awesome ‘deep dive’ in which there was great validation & confirmation of my life’s work and the offering of strategic strategies PLUS resources to attract my ideal client and increase my income…THANK YOU!!”

~Lougenia “Trailblazer” Rucker, Breakthrough Coach for Women

lavada-thompson“I so appreciate you, WendyY! When you first started coaching me, I felt completely lost. I had a vision to leave my full-time project management position and work in my business full-time, but not enough clarity and confidence to do so. I am grateful for your guidance in creating a step-by-step plan to reach my financial goals this year. And, thanks for helping me to align my daily activities with my values and what’s really important to me: family. I have my personal life back and hubby and the kids are loving it!”

~Lavada Thompson, Online Launch Strategist