List building

List building is the pump of your business. Long-term sustainability in business is all about relationships, relationships, relationships! That's why it's important to think of list building as the "pump" of your business. List building [...]

Meet me in Philadelphia

Meet me in Philadelphia for an evening of empowerment! Are you in the Philadelphia area? If so, I'm ready to meet you IRL (in real life) and give you a great big ole hug!! Sherita [...]

MogulCon18 is top conference for women entrepreneurs

I'm speaking at MogulCon18 along with 10+ industry influencers and successful entrepreneurs. We will be revealing our proven processes that will help you to become a savvy entrepreneur and learn how to sell and market [...]

How to increase sales without selling

You can increase sales without selling when you understand the skills involved in selling.  One of the key aspects of selling you must fully understand if you want to be sell with confidence, grace and [...]

Triple Your Coins

TRIPLE your coins - it's called income acceleration!! According to the Urban Dictionary, coins are also known as, cheddar, bankroll, cabbage, clams, funds and money. Of course, there are other names but that's a few [...]