Did you know you can create client attraction, client retention and client conversion with quizzes? That’s right, quizzes are a powerful way to build your email list while putting client attraction in high gear.

In this episode, Digital Marketing Strategist and Quiz Master, Tai Goodwin, shares how her marketing agency uses quizzes to help their clients achieve massive growth. Via Facebook ads and quizzes, Tai describes how you can grow your email list exponentially and fill your pipeline with ideal clients who want to work with you. This insightful episode is one you do not want to miss!

Guests Bio:

Tai Goodwin is the CEO of That Marketing Team and creator of Quiz & Grow Rich. She’s an award-winning instructional designer with 20+ years of experience creating learning experiences for Fortune500 companies like Barnes & Noble and tech start-ups like Lead Pages.

No tech, no time, no problem! Tai helps eCommerce brands and entrepreneurs profit more and work less by turning their email lists into multiple 5-figure paydays. Her specialties are lead generation, email marketing, and quiz funnels.

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