Now, I don’t mean the hunk of metal that’s humming under the hood of your car.

I’m talking about the engine that runs your business…

Wait? I hear you saying, “My business has an engine…?”

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Yep, they all do – from the start-up business all the way to Microsoft.

The thing is your business is either clunking along like a powder blue Cutlass Supreme circa 1985… or you’re hitting the highway behind the smooth ride of a sleek, shiny black Cadillac, Porsche or Mercedes Benz!

So, let me ask you…

  • Is your business engine running efficiently and effectively?
  • Does your business operate on a “fly by the seat of your pants” model?
  • Do you want to “touch” every client personally to feel you’re providing personalized service?
  • Do you believe “systems” steal from the integrity and creativity you serve in your business.
  • Do you think that in order to “authentically” serve your coaching clients, you have to reinvent “the wheel” for each and every new client you serve.

I’m sorry to tell you… but this strategy is putting a serious strain on your business engine AND hindering the growth of your bottomline profits!

Let me tell you why…

While “made for you” coaching services, customized from scratch for each client sounds compelling, there are problems with this approach and it’s affecting your ability to both serve your clients and scale your business.


Well, without systems you can’t serve to scale.

That’s right, if you’re starting from scratch with every new client, you’ll never make any progress on your journey and you’ll find you’re exhausted all the time!

So, what if avoiding structure in your service deliverables, is actually hurting more than it’s helping?
It’s hard to show clients how far they’ve come… if there’s no map for them to follow for their progress.

Also…from me to you…

If there’s one lesson my more than 17 years serving and coaching has taught me, it’s this…

The more structure you build into your business, the more creative and collaborative you can be when you work with your clients and the more clients you can serve.

That’s exactly the kind of insight and strategy I share inside my exclusive members-only academy, More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy.

And guess what…

more coaching clients sales and marketing academy, monetize your influenceI’ve added a 30-Day trial as a decisive action bonus when you enroll in Income Acceleration Day.

WOOHOO, right?!

If you’re ready to build supportive systems in your business with proven tools, uplevel your sales and marketing skills, and master sales conversations that generate bigger, better, bolder bottom lines…

More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy is your key to making it all happen.

So, let me ask you, Empowered One…

Isn’t it time your your business hit the highway in style… like that Cadillac, Porsche or Mercedes Benz?

If you’re ready to scale your business, serve more clients and have a breakthrough the plateau in your bottom line, this is your “decisive action” opportunity so you can get the support you desire.

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Do you have questions, post them in the comments now or reach out and let me know.

Called a “Force of Nature” and trendsetter in the coaching industry because of her fearless approach to innovation, Wendy Y. Bailey has been supporting entrepreneurial leaders, coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants and emerging thought leaders for more than nineteen years. She is a two-time bestselling author, sought-after mentor coach and sales speaker for her fierce and dynamic dedication to inspiring individuals, groups and organizations to create extraordinary results. Affectionately called “WendyY” by her clients, business associates and colleagues, she is an internationally known thought leader and has made a global impact in coaching as an innovative CEO and mentor coach, serving the US and in countries like the UK, Sweden, Spain and Italy.