Advancing in your career is the goal for many business professionals. Career Coach and Business Consultant, Colin Thompson is passionate about coaching his clients to gain new skills to get jobs they truly desire and deserve. He is a global citizen who made an intentional decision to travel the world and currently lives in China with his wife. Colin left his great-paying corporate job to create consistent income as an entrepreneur and continues to build his business where he serves clients all over the world. He truly sets the example of how to create a career and business of success. Colin models how to push yourself to be the best at whatever you do.


Guest Bio: Colin C. Thompson, a Canadian-born-Jamaican, is founder and CEO of Oligye Enterprises (Shanghai) a Business Consulting company focused on coaching, training, and Blockchain technologies. Specializing in Personal-Development, Diversity, and Career Coaching, Colin coaches individuals and groups on how to reach their dreams, goals, and desires.

Colin developed a background in Information Technology working for blue-chip organizations such as IBM, Ernst & Young LLP, and Howard University. In addition, Colin is co-Founder of XChainz, a blockchain-based educational and workforce platform for assessments/training/coaching, and the award of digital-credentials.

In his down-time, he enjoys pushing himself through competing in various events such as marathons/triathlons with his wife, Kay.

“I am fortunate to be able to, on a daily-basis, fulfill my true passion of building Oligye Enterprises to help individuals through LIFE Coaching and business training/facilitation; while also being able to live my dream of working with the next great disruptive technology – Blockchain.”

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Called a “Force of Nature” and trendsetter in the coaching industry because of her fearless approach to innovation, Wendy Y. Bailey has been supporting entrepreneurial leaders, coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants and emerging thought leaders for more than nineteen years. She is a two-time bestselling author, sought-after mentor coach and sales speaker for her fierce and dynamic dedication to inspiring individuals, groups and organizations to create extraordinary results. Affectionately called “WendyY” by her clients, business associates and colleagues, she is an internationally known thought leader and has made a global impact in coaching as an innovative CEO and mentor coach, serving the US and in countries like the UK, Sweden, Spain and Italy.