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In a previous post, I shared that TODAY would be the perfect day for you buy my book on Amazon. As part of my Amazon Best Seller Campaign, I’m sharing an excerpt from my book, .Business Beyond Limits: 7 Powerful Practices for Creating a Highly Profitable Business

Powerful relationships also focus on deep connection and generosity. You may not see it often but when you start to operate with that openness and generosity, you’ll see a major shift in the caliber of your relationships. You’ll attract people who share your values. And, you’ll find yourself partnering with people to create deeper bonds because you have a new way of being in those relationships. It can be relationships with your clients, colleagues and those who serve in your business, too.

Generosity also paves the way for a spirit of abundance to be present in your relationships, too. Old programming from previous environments can keep you thinking small because that fear or scarcity can get in the way. The truth is there’s always enough for everyone. Just look at the natural world and you see several different types of flowers and trees.

Coming back to the marketplace after my illness challenged me to see abundance in my life. I had to play big and be bold and think abundantly. I think it’s because when you’ve been through something difficult, there is no room for scarcity. I’m so grateful for the experience because of what it’s done for me. I was forced to let go of what wasn’t working in my life and business. It opened me up to new opportunities in my partnerships. I discovered the value of transparency. The more open I was about my experience, the stronger relationships I’ve built.

I also learned to play from my strengths. There was a time that I would do EVERYTHING in my business because it’s what I knew how to do. I’ve discovered that being a workhorse doesn’t allow me to operate in my true gifts, speaking, coaching, serving and writing. Giving myself permission to partner with others who also operate in their strengths has allowed me to build a really great team. Now, when something needs to be done, I check in with myself, ‘Am I the best person to do this job?’ If the answer is no, I know it’s time to partner with someone who is the best person for the job.

That way of doing things has helped me meet and collaborate with some amazingly talented people. My graphic designer is a talented lady from Sri Lanka. I’ve never met her or even heard her voice. We’ve been working together for almost two years now and she totally gets my brand. I share a concept with her and she creates visually stunning banners and graphics to support all of my marketing. Graphic design is her gift, training and she shines brightly in our partnership.

Buy the book on Amazon TODAY!

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