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Did you know that sales is the bloodline and heartbeat of your business?


That means, you must master sales in order to grow your business. Having great sales skills means not only are you good at your craft, i.e., coaching, speaking, training and consulting. It means you also know how to successfully enroll clients into your business via your programs, products and services.  


That's why it's SO important to have a solid foundation of sales know-how that includes an understanding of conversion language. Strong sales skills and a good grasp of conversion language will pave the way for you to cultivate powerful partnerships, enrolling and serving your most ideal clients.


Authentic selling empowers you to be true to who you are.


Authentic selling means you're extending your expertise as a way to truly help your clients grow, transform and excel in life, business and at work. It's authentic selling because your intentions are genuine and your desire is to do good and make a difference. Your authenticity shows up in what you offer, as well as in, how you offer your programs, products and services. 


Your ability to sell successfully is founded in your beliefs about your value and the programs, products and services you offer.

Equally important to your sales success is having a profound  understanding of the value of your programs, products and services!


If YOU don't see the value of your programs, products and services, NEITHER will your potential clients.

If you don't UNDERSTAND the value of your programs, products and services, you will NOT be able to sell them.

If YOU are unable to ARTICULATE the value of your programs, products and services, you will NOT be able to sell them.


Unfortunately, your lack of belief in the value of your
programs, products and services,

OR your limited understanding of the value of your
programs, products or services,

OR your inability to articulate the value of your
programs, products and services, results in...


No or low client enrollment...


Limited income acceleration...


Inconsistent cash flow... 

I'm Your Challenge Guide!

If you don't already know me, let me take a quick minute to introduce myself...

I'm WendyY (pronounced Wen-Dee-Why) Bailey. Known as the Income Acceleration Mentor, I'm a Master Business Coach and Sales Speaker to CEOs, entrepreneurial leaders and transformation experts, like coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants and emerging thought leaders. I've served thousands of clients in the transformation space for more than 15 years.

I'm a BEAST at helping my clients double, triple, quadruple and quintuple their income. It's because I'm always guiding my clients to successfully implement sales and marketing strategies to turn the volume up on cash flow, client infusion, revenue generation, multiple streams of income and income acceleration. 

Master Businesss and Sales Coach
Certified Experienced Coach
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Internationally Known Thought Leader
International Bestselling Author

The truth is... your ability to sell is at the heart of creating CONSISTENT cash flow and HUGE bottom line profits -- that's what income acceleration is all about!


So, what do you do when you don't know what to say or do to sell your programs, services and products... 

Or, if you don't have the sales skills or feel like you possess the qualities to be a sales leader...

And, you want to experience income acceleration in your business?


You Step Into Your Fierce and
Super Size Your Selling!


That's what I call it when you're equipped with the sales know-how, the right sales strategy and personalized sales scripts plus the high confidence to sell with clarity and competence.  


You feel empowered and fearless because you know exactly what to say to fully support the client. You're able to extend a compassionate invitation for her to work with you with grace and ease. You speak with certainty and eloquence because you know she is your ideal client and you're equipped to solve her problem. You know you're the right person to support her and you're ready to serve.

I know it may sound harder than it really is...

But, look, I haven't always been really good at selling. There was a time I struggled with selling in my coaching business, too. Even though I was sure it would yield favorable results in the growth of my business, it seemed hard and rigid and uncomfortable.

I didn't always know WHAT to DO. 

I didn't always know WHAT to SAY.

I wasn't ALWAYS in the right mental space to sell.

Let's face it... selling can be really scary!

Listen, if you're like me, you LOVE what you do and you're ALWAYS eager to support your clients, right?

Well that LOVE doesn't pay your bills AND your eagerness to ALWAYS support your clients feels empty if you're not being adequately compensated.


It's time to fix that right now!


I'm ready to show you how to step into your FIERCE about selling because when you do, it means...


...You KNOW the right words to enroll clients into your programs, services and products; AND,


...You BELIEVE in the value of your programs, products and services; AND,


...You ARTICULATE the value of your programs, products and services with eloquence, grace and ease; AND,


...You FEEL EMPOWERED and ready to offer your expertise; AND,


...You ENJOY enrolling lots more clients and making more money in your business, too! 

It is YOUR time to love what you do AND get paid handsomely, too.

I'm ready to show you how to Super Size Your Selling!


Super Size Your Selling - 7 Day Sales Challenge, is
designed to show you how to SELL with authenticity and compassion, using masterful skill, personalized sales
scripts and genuine integrity.


Here's what you can expect (AND practice) as part of this challenge...


Your confidence will grow! The marketplace needs your wisdom. Your ideal clients are waiting on you! Yes, it's mindset work, partnered with ideal client clarity and sales scripting!! How kewl is that?!



You'll gain an understanding of your own personal strengths as a sales leader! I'm sharing the qualities you MUST have to be a sales leader in your business. You may be surprised to discover they're lying dormant inside of you... not for long because it's time to breathe life into these authentic qualities and sales skills to create income acceleration, consistent cash flow and huge bottom line profits. You've gotta love that! 


You'll also understand what value means AND how to assign value for your programs, products and services. If you want to sell, expressing the value of your offer is MANDATORY. It's not difficult when you understand what's involved, included and avoided in VALUE. HINT: Knowing value gives meaning to your work for your ideal clients, too.



Over the 7-day challenge, you'll also face rejection head on. Rejection is a common fear involved in selling but you'll grow to trust that you can move through and beyond rejection when you have strategies that work. Be BRAVE, my friend! You. Can. Do. This.



You'll also use one of my signature sales scripts. I'll share some of my words and you'll include some of your own, then VOILA, you'll know EXACTLY what to say to invite your clients to enroll in your programs, services and products.



During the SEVEN day challenge, you'll receive an email in your inbox with your assignment for the day. The assignments are chunked down into manageable pieces, making it easy for you to follow and implement what you learn for the day. You'll build momentum with each assignment so by the end of the challenge, you'll feel like a selling pro.



I'm also offering you a unique opportunity to receive a sales scripting session with me that will keep you growing, learning and selling with grace and ease. Can you say bigger, better and bolder?!


Being part of a challenge is about support and accountability. As your Challenge Guide, you'll tag me when you post your completed assignments on social media to receive feedback, support and encouragement. It's all about creating living, breathing opportunities for you to get really good at selling. This is for you, Oh Fierce One!

What You Get with Your 7 Day Sales Challenge 

Sales Training

Selling requires a certain way of thinking and being with potential clients. You'll discover how to develop and maintain the mindset and sales skills to be successful. 

Support and Accountability

As your Challenge Guide, I'll review your completed assignments and offer you feedback and encouragement. I'm also giving you one of my signature sales scripts. It's one of the tools I use exclusively with my clients.

Special Access

You'll also have a rare opportunity to step into a private coaching session with me designed to fine tune and personalize your sales scripting muscles.

Here's what clients are saying...

"In less than a month of working with WendyY, I’ve added $3000 to my books in NEW client work. If you are ready to make more money now and put systems in place to keep money flowing, you need to contact WendyY right now!"

~ Carol J. Dunlop
Online WOW Strategist

“If you have a coaching or training practice, you must work with WendyY to develop your content and sales strategy! ...you will look good delivering every time with confidence and comfort – work with WendyY!”

~ Gina Calvano
Career Coach, Success Strategist


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The Challenge Is Currently Closed


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