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If you ever had the occasion to meet Raphael Love, you knew almost immediately that you were in the presence of a highly positive, gently calming and delightful personality of a man. He stood at 6 feet 7 inches but made up for his overpowering stature by being kind and open. Raphael embraced the gift of life and expressed gratitude for the experiences that shaped the man he was. It’s because he believed that self-love is the key to realizing success and fulfillment, personally and professionally.

Raphael was a lifelong learner who believed that the more you know, the more you love, the more you can achieve and thrive in peace. Raphael was scheduled to serve as Master Trainer for Play Bigger Now 2017 before his untimely passing on Thanksgiving Day in November 2016. We honor his memory with his example of love by serving the guests of this event with intention, peace and caring.

Despite his death, you can still experience Raphael via the automated messages he created to support his many followers and fans across social media.


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