Exclusively for Service-Based Business Owners and Transformation Experts, Like Coaches, Speakers, Trainers, Consultants and Emerging Thought Leaders Who Want to Sell with Eloquence, Confidence, Grace and Ease --
This Program Is Designed Just For You!!

Get Ready to Discover the Secrets to Easily Asking for the Sale So You Can Sell More Of Your Programs, Enroll Lots More Ideal Clients, Experience Explosive Profits And Enjoy More Freedom In Your Life and Business!

Have you ever been in the midst of a conversation that you were hopeful would result in a new client


You didn't know what to say to close the sale?

 OR, maybe you're afraid of hearing the word, "No" because you don't know what to say when you do


You don't reach out to potential clients because you lack confidence to ask for the sale?

 OR, your FEAR is telling you that you can't sell

SO... you don't.

AND, your FEAR is telling you that selling makes you feel SLEAZY, SLIMEY, PUSHY or SALESY -- and, that's not how you want to show up with potential clients?


Let me just tell you that FEAR is a liar that you no longer have to listen to


You discover how to use sales language, you understand what the no's mean AND you have the right words to authentically support your client AND close the sale.



It's WendyY here! 

Over the past SIXTEEN PLUS years, I've coached HUNDREDS of service-based business owners, entrepreneurs and transformation experts, like coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants and emerging thought leaders -- just like you!  

Known as Your Income Acceleration Mentor, I've shown these savvy, successful leaders how to DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE and QUINTUPLE their income.

If you're HERE, it means you're sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable selling and you're ready to develop sales skills to ensure next-level financial success in your business. 

I created Profitable Selling Conversations: Sales Language and Scripts to Close More Clients with you in mind!

This program is especially designed to equip you to:

  • Sell with AUTHENTICITY and CONFIDENCE; and,
  • Understand your client's BUYING BEHAVIOR; and,
  • Recognize your client's BUYING SIGNALS; and,
  • Discover how to OVERCOME buying objections with ease; and,
  • Transform your client RELATIONSHIPS;

AND, it's chocked-full of lots more TOOLS and RESOURCES to grow your selling skills, quickly.

Wendy Y. Bailey
Master Business and Sales Coach
Income Acceleration Mentor
Certified Experienced Coach
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Two-Time Bestselling Author
Global Thought Leader
Marketplace Influencer
Fierce Coaching Innovator
Livestream TV Host

Let the profitable selling conversations begin!

Learn the Secret Language of Selling

Understand what motivates your clients to take action to hire you and craft your sales conversations as an extension of your service. That's reflects your authenticity and belief in the value you bring to your clients.

Build Rapport and Connection

Establish deep connections with your clients that you co-create to ensure lasting, long-term relationships. Relationships are EVERYTHING and you want to know how to build them with integrity and confidence.

Showcase the Value of Your Services  

Boost the credibility of your programs, products and services by adding value and extending what you do to serve your clients. (HINT: THIS is what makes you truly unique and special.)


Make Your Words Come Alive

Overlay your brand new conversion skills in your emails, teleseminars, webinars, telemarketing scripts and other correspondence to make your marketing messaging effortless and fun! 

Recognize Buying Signals

Identify your clients' buying behavior and signals so you can design a natural yet effective sales conversations that converts. It's not nearly as challenging as you think when you stay true to yourself, your brand and who you serve.


Speak the Language of Your Clients

Become fluent in the language of your clients to make sales conversations easier and profits bigger. No tricks or techniques. It's all about understanding how to establish and build rapport to support your clients in the selling process.

Overcome Buying Objections

Learn how to coach your clients beyond the fears and limiting beliefs keeping them from investing in themselves (and your services). Fears in disguise offer you every opportunity to instill courage and confidence in your offer -- and, it leads to the sale!

I LOVE my clients and they LOVE me, too...

“There are consultants and coaches who can help you develop your services. There are those who can help you market your services. WendyY can do both! I highly recommend the services of WendyY to individuals who are seeking to focus and build their businesses. By working with WendyY, I identified and sharpened my message to my target audience. WendyY helped me focus the coaching programs I offer by helping me identify the specific needs of my target audience and develop solutions to address their needs. With WendyY’s assistance, my communications of the benefits of my programs and services to prospective clients are crisp and my proposals are being accepted."

- Linwood Bailey
OD Consultant, Executive Coach

"Wendy Y is a beast in not only what she does but HOW she does what she does. Over the course of our relationship, I feel myself becoming more and more enamored by her grace, poise, and character. She lives what she coaches and mentors in. Wendy Y is the real deal. Through her guidance, I have become more intimate with the people I’m called to serve and I have taken bold, and I mean BOLD, steps in making sure I reach them. On the business end, knowingly or unknowingly, she has challenged me to show up even more for my clients because of how she has shown up for me. I feel humbled and blessed to call her my business coach."

- Coach Nachi
Social Impactor's Personal
Development Coach and Speaker 

"The growth I’ve experienced since working with WendyY has been phenomenal! I’ve seen a 67% increase in sales after only one year of coaching! I’ve learned creative ways to market my service and also how to live 'fearlessly.' The support that WendyY provides me is worth every dime and more!"

- Bernadette L. Harris, MBA
Forensic Accountant, Tax Accountant

Certified Fraud Examiner

“In less than one week, I secured two coaching contracts for $3,000 each! We are not even half way through the month and I am confident I will have a record breaking month. I highly recommend Wendy Y. Bailey as coach. She will propel you to take bold action while taking control of your business so that you get out of your own way and grow your business.”

- Dr. Jaynine Howard
Business and Career Strategist 

Profitable Selling Conversations: Sales Language and Scripts to Close More Clients 

Valued at $697

Your program includes:

  • Developing Scripts for Your Outbound Sales Calls with three sample scripts for getting coaching sessions, speaking gigs and selling event guests. (mp4)
  • The Secret Language of Selling (PDF and mp3)
  • Discovery Session Sales Scripts for Coaches Who Want to Sell More (PDF)
  • Selling is Transformational Not Transactional (mp3)
  • Understanding the Buying Signals and Behavior of Your Most Ideal Clients (PDF)
  • 5 Client Buying Objections: How to Overcome Them (PDF)

Your Investment is $497

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