Everyday I talk to entrepreneurs who are focused on building their businesses.

Some have been at it a very long time and some are on a journey that has just begun.

In either case, they’ve learned to embrace these totally worthwhile truths:

  • business beyond limits book, gain traction on your dreamsAny dream worth having requires commitment and dedication. 
    Commitment and dedication means having a “never give up” attitude and a profound belief in yourself. Your beliefs are tied to your ability to gain traction on your dreams and make progress in your goals. After all, you know my personal mantra, “Mindset is everything!” I even devoted a full chapter on this in my first book.


  • If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough. 
    Fear isn’t a bad thing! It’s totally fine to feel a little fear when you have a BIG dream. In fact, you can even use the adrenaline your fear creates to fuel your actions. The point is not to ever let the fear stop you! If your fear isn’t slightly overwhelming, dream bigger! Then, look for tools and resources to address the overwhelm and keep going.


  • The dream works when you do.
    Too often, I talk to people who are not doing enough to build your business. You do a little something here or there and wonder why your clients are breaking down doors to work with you. 

    I might be stepping on your toes and that’s my intention. 

    Stop letting low or no action to get in the way of what you say you want. Kick things into high gear so you can make things happen.

Lastly, if you’re focused on your dreams, you’re also going to run into some challenges along the way and it’s to be expected. When you do, your ability to face those challenges is what builds character and courage which will support you more as you move ahead.  

I always say, “Adversity makes you a master problem solver.” It’s because in more than 16 years in business (and, more than 56 years of life), I’ve seen my share of adversity. As a result, I’ve discovered how NOT to get overwhelmed when challenges surface and how to solve problems quickly.

“Let your dreams be bigger than your fears,
your actions speak louder than words,

and your faith be stronger than your feelings.

I don’t know who penned this quote but it’s amazing, right?!  Here’s more in a previous post
Keep going and growing to gain traction on your dreams! It. is. SO. Worth. It!
Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.

Called a “Force of Nature” and trendsetter in the coaching industry because of her fearless approach to innovation, Wendy Y. Bailey has been supporting entrepreneurial leaders, coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants and emerging thought leaders for more than eighteen years. She is a two-time bestselling author, sought-after mentor coach and sales speaker for her fierce and dynamic dedication to inspiring individuals, groups and organizations to create extraordinary results. Affectionately called “WendyY” by her clients, business associates and colleagues, she is an internationally known thought leader and has made a global impact in coaching as an innovative CEO and mentor coach, serving the US and in countries like the UK, Sweden, Spain and Italy.