Do you know what to do when Creativity Deficiency Syndrome (CDS) strikes?

creativity deficiency syndrome, truly successful business, profitable selling conversationsCreativity Deficiency Syndrome (CDS) is a common problem small business owners and solopreneurs face when their marketing efforts grow stale. Typically it’s because of isolation and the inability to look at your business with fresh eyes to see the endless sea of possibilities.

Isn’t it great to know the possibilities hold the cure the CDS? You’re able to rid yourself of CDS once and for all.

Checkout the possibilities from an article I wrote more than 12 years ago. It’s still fresh and new today. How kewl is that?!

Embrace the ridiculous.

Is the fear that others may think of you as ridiculous holding you back in your marketing? It’s ok to appear ridiculous. Try something outrageous and untried. Think about what feels totally fun in your marketing and test it out. You may find your idea is actually visionary, cutting edge and wildly innovative.

Nurture fresh perspectives.

Remember when you were a child and you discovered something new? Recapture your childlike innocence around your business. Reminisce and evoke the memory of why you fell in love with your business in the first place. Stir up those memories and get into a space of gratitude everyday about your business. This will allow you to be more creative about your marketing.

Break the rules.

There are no rules when it comes to being creative. These days, the unconventional absolutely works! Wondering who you are to do it differently? You’re a different person with a different business, ready to avail yourself of all the creativity in the universe. Break the rules and watch your creativity in marketing blossom.

creativity deficiency syndrome, julia cameron, the artists wayOne of my favorite books on accessing your creativity is, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I not only read the book but I participated in a group coaching program to apply the principles, too.

Yes, creativity is that important AND the book is that good!

Maybe we all have a little Creativity Deficiency Syndrome (CDS) at times. You don’t have to allow it to cripple your business. Cure yourself today with a healthy dose of newness and fun.

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What do you do to rid your business of CDS?

Ok, the truth is: I made this up but that doesn’t change the challenge CDS can have on your business. I know you have many more ideas and I’d love to see your comments.

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