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Wouldn't You Like To Become a Sales Rock Star?


Being a Sales Rock Star means...

  • You understand selling as a necessary strategy in your entrepreneurial toolkit.
  • You understand the key elements of a sales strategy (and, how to adapt them to your own unique selling style).
  • You are highly competent with your selling (and, are highly effective as a sales leader in your own business).
  • You are truly confident in all of your sales conversations because you have all the necessary tools and resources to be successful.
  • You understand the secret language of selling (and, how to use those secrets to fully support your ideal clients as an extension of your service).
  • You know the right words to say (and, when to say them), in all of your selling conversations.
  • You understand the role of service and what it means to serve your clients through the selling process.
  • You have an unshakeable belief about the value of your offers (services, programs and products).
  • You know how to articulate the value of your programs, services and products to attract your potential buyers and convert your most ideal clients into raving fans.
  • You know how and when to sell to create income acceleration in your business.
  • You are able to sell more of your programs, services and products with grace and ease...

    ... and, so much more!! 

Becoming a Sales Rock Star is pretty, doggone awesome, right? It is WHEN you have the right tools and resources AND you know how to use them.


But, here's what I know for sure... 

  • If you're in business, SELLING is must-have skill if you're serious about building your business. Unfortunately, if you're like most entrepreneurs, you started your business because you were passionate about something other than selling, right?
  • In order to make a real impact, SELLING is necessary so you can serve more of your most ideal clients. That means, SELLING must be one of the core skills you need to build your business.
  • If you don't understand sales strategy or follow your own, you're missing important elements that guarantee your ability to serve more clients. (By the way, if you can't convert the client, you cannot serve them or make a difference in their lives.)
  • If you're serious about growing your bottom line profits, you must have an unshakeable belief in the value of your services, programs and products. Let's face it, if you don't get the value, neither will your potential clients.
  • Being able to articulate the value of your services is CRUCIAL for your most ideal clients to buy from you. Again, if you can't say it, your potential clients won't get it.
  • We're all natural sales people BUT if you don't know how to use your natural sales gift, your selling will look like anybody elses (and, Sleazy, Slimey, Pushy and Salesy are likely to show up in your selling.)
  • If you don't know the secret language of selling, the wrong words will surface and clients will not want to work with you. One of my client's calls it "commission breath" because it's so unattractive. Talk about repelling potential clients! Who wants that?!
  • If you are the slightest bit uncomfortable with the sales process, it will totally show in your ability to extend the invitation or offer for your clients to hire you. No confidence. No competence. No conviction. No sale.
  • You MUST be able to express the connection between the your offer and the problem it solves for your most ideal client. If you don't know how or you can't, the client will NOT buy from you. Period.
  • Selling is must-have skill if you're remotely serious about income acceleration... today, tomorrow or any other time in the future.

Selling SUCCESS Means...

  • You are clear about the benefits of your programs, products and services AND
  • You know your intention for each and every sales conversation AND
  • You understand how to support your client through any objections that surface BECAUSE 
  • You have the SELLING skills, the MINDSET of a Sales Leader and the COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, COMPETENCE AND CONVICTION to invite your client into a working relationship with you.
  • You truly are a Sales Rock Star!!

Listen, I Show Coaches, Speakers, Consultants, Trainers, Entrepreneurial Leaders and Savvy CEOs Just Like You How to Grow Confident Selling So You Can Increase Your Sales, Accelerate Your Income, Serve More Clients and Make a Bigger Impact In the World!

I'm a BEAST at helping my clients, DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE and QUINTUPLE their income.

I want to show YOU how to do the same!


Don't Just Take My Word For It.
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"My partnership with WendyY...produced record breaking income for my business”

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"In less than one week, I secured two coaching contracts for $3,000 each!"

Jaynine Howard, PhD, Career/Business Strategist
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"I’ve generated more paying clients in the four months I've been working with WendyY than in the previous 6 months."

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Get Ready to Become a Sales Rock Star NOW!

Valued at $497  l  Your Investment $297 or Two monthly payments of $150 each

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Become A Sales Rock Star so you can...


  • Focus On Your Income Producing Activites (IPAs)
  • Learn from Masterful Sales Leaders
  • Track Your Sales Progress
  • Master the Mindset for Sales Success
  • Design Your Day for Selling Success
  • Practice Daily Sales Affirmations
  • Build Confidence In Your Sales Conversations
  • Grow Competent as a Strong Sales Leader
  • Tap Into Sales Automation Tools

Get Ready to Become a Sales Rock Star NOW!

Valued at $497  l  Your Investment $297 or Two monthly payments of $150 each

We Use Secure Payment Processing

Here's What's Included In This High Value Program...

  • Video: Planning Your Day for Profitability So You Can Maximize Your Income Producing Activities (IPAs)
  • PowerPoint Slides: Planning Your Day for Profitability So You Can Maximize Your Income Producing Activities (IPAs) (PDF)
  • Daily Sales Activation Guide
    - Sales Growth Tracking Worksheet (PDF)
    - Guide for Identifying Your IPAs (PDF)
  • The Mindset of a Sales Leader Signature Collection
    - Article: The Mindset of a Sales Leader (PDF)
    - I Charge for That: Mastering the Mindset for Selling (mp3)
    - Sales Affirmations to Equip and Empower (PDF)
  • Sales Scripting Resource Bundle (PDFs and Downloadable mp3s)
    - Discovery Session Sales Script: For Coaches Who Want to Sell More
    - Savvy, Successful Selling: 5 Bankable Principles for Getting to Yes! 

More Benefits That You'll Need So You Can...

  • Identify Your Sales Strategy
  • Learn from Selling Masters
  • Overcome Objections with Competence, Confidence and Clarity
  • Script Your Sales Conversations
  • Automate Your Selling
  • Articulate the Value of Your Programs, Services and Products
  • Serve More Ideal Clients
  • Use the Right Selling Tools
  • Understand the Secret Language of Selling

Get Ready to Become a Sales Rock Star NOW!

Valued at $497  l  Your Investment $297 or Two monthly payments of $150 each

We Use Secure Payment Processing


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