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You were born to make a difference in this world and everything you need to be amazing is already inside of you. That means you were born with the right equipment to soar and serve. I am the coach that will challenge you to expand your comfort zone. You will stretch and risk more than you ever have before AND you will love it! ~WendyY

Private Coaching with WendyY

WendyY works with a limited number of private coaching clients for a maximum of ninety (90) days. Whether you are a seasoned coaching, speaking, training or consulting professional or you’re within the first 3-5 years in your business. WendyY coaches you to streamline your business infrastructure and automate systems, raise your fees, build your team and design multiple streams of passive income.

Discover key marketing and sales elements, infrastructure and systems, and mindset mastery. These are critical for creating your next level of financial success, and prepares you for income acceleration. WendyY prepares you to design high-value programs and services in your business.

Via direct coaching support to achieve your dreams and goals, you’re guaranteed to experience:

  • Enhanced Performance – Greater Engagement and Profitable Conversations
  • Peak Productivity – Focused and Consistent Action
  • Higher Profits – Income Acceleration, Revenue Generation and Client Infusion

Begin with your breakthrough session then work with WendyY to determine if this is the right program for you. Apply for your breakthrough mentor coaching session now


Private VIP Day with WendyY

Spend a day with WendyY working on what matters most in your business. Together, you’ll focus on key areas in your business, make the necessary changes to prepare you to get in high gear for revenue generation and client infusion. Begin with your breakthrough session then schedule the deep dive of the one-day income acceleration day with WendyY. Apply for your breakthrough mentor coaching session now


Coaching Programs

Rapid Coaching Income: Income Acceleration Program

rapid-coaching-income-croppedThis 10-week program is a structured immersion and accountability group coaching program. This program is designed to move you into consistent action in your marketing activities. As a result, you’ll accelerate your income and create steady cash flows in your business. Rapid Coaching Income is an ideal program for coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants, who are experiencing stagnation in your marketing and sales, specifically. Not for the faint at heart, Rapid Coaching Income is a client-favorite that will shift your mindset and guide you to bottom line profits, quickly.


Available as part of More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy

Profitable Coaching Conversations: Sales Success Strategies for Coaches, Speakers and Consultants

profitable coaching conversationsA 7 week program designed to help you discover the secrets to easily ask for the sale, and enroll more ideal clients into your programs. Discover how to fill your practice with lots more clients, and enjoy more freedom and flexibility in your life. Enroll in this program so you can grow confident with selling. After practicing the conversion concepts, you’ll learn how to overlay them to fill your programs and write emotional, promotional sales copy, too.

Available as part of More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy


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tammy-bush“WendyY… artfully added NLP to group coaching that I have found profoundly effective in my learner groups. They, too, have commented about the difference. She also provided methods to market and re-purpose your group coaching programs.”

~Tammy Bush, Executive Coach

Motivating, Touching, Inspiring.  These are the words that immediately came to mind upon my first meeting WendyY Bailey.  WendyY is truly an inspiration to all who have had an opportunity to be in her presence.  She is a dynamic communicator and does an exceptional job of communicating to people of all backgrounds, age groups and walks of life.

WendyY has the ability to transform even your most complex thoughts and emotions into something tangible.  She is able to present these complex thoughts and emotions effectively whether communicating verbally in presentations or through one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

The same is true for her written communication.  WendyY also transforms complex ideas into written words that smoothly fly across a blank page. I highly recommend Wendy Y. Bailey as an exceptional coach, writer, speaker, teacher and motivator!”

~Paula D. Jackson, SPHR

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