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I believe in lifelong learning and I willingly support yours. I created these simple yet powerful business coaching resources with you in mind to help you grow, personally and professionally. I see your greatness and I believe in what’s possible for you at your next level of success. It is your time to shine! The choice is up to you and the time is now.  ~WendyY

Business Coaching Resource: Savvy, Successful Selling: Five Bankable Principles for Getting to Yes!

This is a masterclass favorite that features timeless content that will support you in selling more with grace and ease. WendyY is a 16 year veteran who knows what it takes to sell more of your programs and services. If you’ve ever felt the salesy, sleezy, slimey, pushy or remotely uncomfortable with sales, you’ll appreciate how the content helps you understand selling in a whole new way. Includes a downloadable bundle with the audio, PowerPoint slides and activation guide. Grab the bundle now

Business Coaching Resource: 10 Step Set-Up for Successbusiness-coaching-resources

If you ever find yourself off track or out of sorts on your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll love knowing that there is a distinct path that will return you to normalcy and “right” you on the road to success again. WendyY shares her personal strategy in the 10 Step Set-Up for Success. Use these simple, yet effective steps because they will work for you every single time. Download Now


Business Coaching Resource: Top Ten Group Coaching Success Secrets

business coaching resources, group coaching success secretsWendyY crafted a signature process that’s at the heart of your ability to be effective in designing, marketing and delivering a highly engaging and transformational group coaching programs. In the Top 10 Group Coaching Success Secrets, she shares the high-level process that will guide you in building all of programs and services so you can ensure they’re attractive and profitable. Download Top 10 Now



gladys-andersonWendyY is the #1 teacher of group coaching. Her passion, commitment and unyielding support is unparalleled.  She not only shares generously her knowledge, resources and tips to her community of learners, she is a trendsetter, a visionary and beacon within the coaching community.

~Gladys Anderson, Life Coach


thommi-odom2“After 15 years of corporate America, my brain had been trained to operate a certain way. WendyY gently stretched my brain in thinking and seeing things from a different perspective. Sounds easy, huh? Well, not if you are stubborn like me! WendyY has a unique way of helping me to re-think my strategies and create a program that appeals to my ideal client. I am attracting not just individuals for my group coaching, but corporations as well.

~Dr. Thommi Odom, Psychotherapist, Coach

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