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Barbara J. Faison, Your Mindfulness and Meditation Ambassador, believes we are all students and teachers in the school of life. Barbara educates and enlightens with her unique perspective on being present wherever you are. Being loving and compassionate helps us to struggle less and enjoy each moment and life more. Instead of struggling about your health, career, relationships, money, and life, if you take a few minutes daily to be still, you will get clear and make better choices.

Barbara’s book, Why Struggle? life is too short to wear tight shoes has been called a mini reference manual for life. In Why Struggle? she shares mindful strategies for living, being and thriving in life and business. Why Struggle? Be Still. Get Clear. Choose Well.

Barbara continues to work with business professionals, millennials and organizations who are stressed out, struggling and overwhelmed to help them increase their confidence, adjust their #mindset and make better decisions. Struggling is a choice. Being open to learning, evolving and growing is a way to stop struggling with life.

Barbara is also the author of the audio program, “Be Still: Learn to Meditate in 10 Minutes a Day.” This program includes five 10 minute meditations for all levels to help you connect with silence as a tool for incredible personal group. Be Still is available as a CD and online at iTunes,, Spotify, Cdbaby and other digital retailers.

Remember, it’s always a good time to Stop. Breathe. And savor life!

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